Our Champions

Our Bissi ❤️2000 - 2015❤️ She became: N Uch S Uch NV-09 ❤️

Our HerrMann ❤️2003 - 2016❤️ N Uch S Uch NV-07 ❤️

N Uch Bissibingens Brave Heart CaBi

N Uch Bissibingens BraKar CaBi ❤️2005-2017❤️

N Uch Bissibingens Bare Bica

N Uch S Uch NV-10 Bissibingens Carl Anton

N Uch Bissibingens Desire BiAm

N Uch NV-10 Bissibingens Deligth DeCs

N Uch Bissibingens Ekita DeCs

N Uch NJV-12 Bissibingens Eyla DeCs

N Uch NV-12 Bissibingens Earl Grey CsDe

N Uch NV-16 AGH I-3 AG I-3 Bissibingens Freidig Fiona NoJo Best in Pestorial open, Best Bitch, Best In Breed at Crufts 2017

N Uch NJV-14 NORDJV-14 Bissibingens Guinness EsCa

NORD JV-15 SE Uch Bissibingens Humble Hobbit Fo Ek

Our N Uch Ciudado Vain Venusz 'Vennja'

Our N Uch Angel Eyes

 Here you can se our Champions :-) from 2002 - 2017 :-)

from Bissibingens, our import Pumi and pumis own by us :-) 

clik on the photo and you'll se a larger picture :-)